Attacking when Opponents are in Balance


Key coaching points:


Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass; patience; first-touch; body-shape when receiving; moving the ball quickly to stretch the opposition; maintaining possession to allow team to regain shape; decision-making; creating overloads.


Coaching tip #1: Moving the ball moves the opposition...can the players use this knowledge to create space and open up opportunities?


Coaching tip #2: Quick-passing can confuse the opposition, 

can this be something to be worked on in training?

Attacking when Opponents are out of Balance


Key coaching points:


Counter-attacking; supporting front players; creating and exploiting the overload; moving the ball quickly under control; initiating attack quickly once in possession; assessing play whilst moving quickly with the ball.


Coaching tip #1: Klopp's Dortmund team found success through electric transitions from defence to attack. Can your team mimic this with fast, ground passing?


Coaching tip #2: Decision-making is essential, present players with different scenarios to exploit an unbalanced opposition as swiftly as possible.


Defensive Play whilst in Balance


Key coaching points:


Positioning to intercept; angles of distance and support to the pressurising defender; organising against a counter-attack; keeping sight of the ball when marking and covering; patience; discipline; communication.


Coaching tip #1: Communication and discipline is vital, ensure this is rewarded in sessions.


Coaching tip #2: Upon gaining possession, can the defender transition forward quickly or would retaining the ball make more sense?



Defensive Play whilst Out of Balance


Key coaching points:


Organisation when faced with numerical superiority; pressing and delaying tactics to allow recovery; denial of passing

lanes; working together; communication; staying on feet.


Coaching tip #1: By delaying the attacker, team-mates can make recovery runs to assist...can this be worked into a session?


Coaching tip #2: Defending is essential but can struggle to motivate players! Make sessions rewarding and meaningful.




Key coaching points:


First touch setting up opportunity to strike at goal; movement to receive ball in a half-turned position; combination-play to produce strikes on goal; striking at goal with accuracy and placement.


Coaching tip #1: All players love shooting sessions; encourage shot-selection when in 1v1 with GK.


Coaching tip #2: Can the striker disguise their strike at goal to buy themselves an advantage? How?