The FUNdamentals


At this age we concentrate on the ABC's (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination) as recommended by the FA. As a footballer grows up they will rely on core movements that occur hundreds of times in a game. These include:


  • Changing direction and speed

  • Balancing

  • Hand to eye co-ordination

  • Twisting

  • Running sideways and backwards

  • Stooping, jumping


Games that focus on escaping, catching, changing direction and speed multiple times are very useful for children at this age....and alot of fun too.


Allowing each child to work with a ball can also grow their confidence: performing skills and using their creativity. 


Tip: set homework for the players. When brushing their teeth can they balance on one leg? When you are talking to them as a group can they balance with one foot on the ball?


You may often see young footballers falling over after they shoot (lack of balance) this simple exercise can start to work on that.

Managing Expectations


As a new coach or Manager it is important to manage the expectations or parents. Use the documents on the Charter page to communicate how FJFC operates (equal rotation, focus on development). It is helpful to set up a parents meeting when moving to U6's to ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them. Clarity on expectations is helpful for everyone.


Contact Andy Loyden (U5-10 Coaching Lead) or speak to Steve Warren for guidance.

FJFC Academy (Year 1)

Simple Sessions for our future Messi's


As a new coach it is important to focus on fun and achievement with those very new to football. U5's & U6's are excitable, easily distracted and enthusiastic! The below sessions provide a starting point for productive learning. They are easy to set-up and straightforward to explain. Remember to demonstrate, speak slowly and clearly. Even at this age the child benefits from understanding WHY this is an important footballing skill so they link to the FJFC Principles of Play.


King of the Ring     Run the Gauntlet     On Guard     Alamo with a Twist     Cross and Shoot     Double Crosses     Gates


Heading     Killer Pass     Passing Boxes     Passing Triangles     Round the Clock     Target     The Switch     Through the Gate     Waves



Is the session too easy? Too difficult? Follow the STEP principle to find the correct level of challenge 


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