Long-range training planning


The development of the team and the individual works most effectively when planned over a series of weeks and attached to clear, understandable Principles of Play (PoP). Through repetition and understanding, young players will become better decision-makers and more able to cope with changing circumstances when on the field. This 6-week plan contains all dimensions of game-related play and the PoP ensures coaches and players alike are clear on the purpose of the sessions. FJFC’s PoP were created with the Premier League’s Elite Performance Player Plan and in partnership with Everton FC's Academy.


The PoP are also aligned with the FA's Future Game and relate to the 'In Possession > Transition > Out of Possession' sessions the FA promote. The complexity of the messages change as footballers develop, however the principles remain the same. How a coach communicates these should be age -appropriate but must remain consistent if a playing style is to be achieved.


Download the PoP and 6-week plan here

Session Ideas



Passing and control


Attacking as a Unit

Defending as a Unit